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Who is musiko loko?

Raised between the classics sounds of the 50’s Rock&Roll and founded in the Spirit of Gospel, he started his own path playing the Blues in 1988 with his school mates. Learning the roots of his music with the great brazilian guitarist and orchestra conductor Robson Miguel, he will soon get to discover the amazing world of Jazz.

He developed his style with Jazz guitar player and Big Band leader Jorge Cariglino at Escuela de Musica Creativa in Madrid (Spain).

Playing in different projects from Pop to Rock and recording 3 albums and touring all over Spain with the British Rock band Baby Powder, he jumped into the power of Punk-Rock forming a new band with his brother on drums: Alien. 2009 saw his debut in Hip-Hop as a MC and producer.

Back to Gospel, he joined a Gospel Choir as a lead guitarist, playing with Harlem Gospel singer Lois Giles, he flew to New York City to record a Gospel single with Harlem Gospel singer and organist Gary Samuels&Prayz’n Hymn with Grammy’s winner engineer Ben Arrindell in SoundClash Recording Studio in Manhattan.

2011 saw him living his musical experience in Harlem and moving around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, he tasted the flavors of Gospel, Blues and Jazz of New York City. Back to the Old Europe, he continues his career as a soloist or duo/trio guitar player in French Riviera: Côte d’Azur around Monaco, Nice, Cannes and many others.

In 2017 he flies away to discover California, USA. San Francisco stole his heart and the road is his new hometown…

What our clients say

Nous avons programmé musiko loko, l’été 2018, et nous n’avons eu qu’à nous en féliciter… partenaires du “Nice Jazz Festival”, nous voulions rester dans cette couleur musicale, et les riffs de guitare Blues et Rock de musiko loko ainsi que les reprises des grands standards, ont immédiatement séduit tous nos clients…

À consommer sans moderation, merci musiko loko pour ta bonne humeur et ton talent, en espérant te revoir très bientôt.

-Thierry, responsable événementiel-

Brasserie Le Gambetta – Nice

Merci à musiko loko pour son professionnalisme. Grâce à son Blues a su impliquer les clients. Si vous souhaitez que votre soirée soit réussi, je vous lui conseil vivement.

-Gianluca, adjoint de direction- 

Hotel de la Fontaine – Nice